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Houses in Mornington Grove – Front elevations of terraced houses at 17-20 Mornington Grove, Bromley-by-Bow 1960
 © London Metropolitan Archives (City of London).

Archibald Street

Archibald Street in 1968, looking west from Wellington Way.  Beyond the lamp post on the left, no 20 Mornington Grove is just visible. Here’s approximately the same view today (July 2017)

Archibald cropped



Houses in Mornington Grove  –  Front elevations of houses at 12a (now 13) – 20 Mornington Grove, Bow. © London Metropolitan Archives (City of London)


In 1977 the Queen’s Silver Jubilee was celebrated across the nation, and in Mornington Grove:

Jubilee Year, 1977 – the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s assent to the throne, celebrated here in Mornington Grove – this picture outside Nos. 15 & 16, with Mari, Sylvia, the Freeman family. Photograph  by Kenneth Griffiths The Sunday Times Book of Jubilee Year, ed. Hunter Davies, 1977 Michael Joseph Ltd, London.


The artist Peri Parkes lived for some years in No.21B, having previously lived in No.17C. He painted many wonderful pictures whilst living in Mornington Grove.  You can see some of his paintings here – several of which are views from his Mornington Grove windows, at a time when the houses along the south side of Archibald Road had been demolished leaving a triangular wasteland.  In the distance Canary Wharf is under construction.

Peri the zone

Here’s a view from 21B of the west side of Mornington Grove:

Peri's with Jag

In February 2010 ‘they’ came to resurface and put white lines to keep the parking in order – and for a brief idyllic moment THERE WERE NO CARS IN THE STREET!

Empty Street comp

Every year the mighty plane trees let fall their golden leaves – here’s how it was in November 2011:


Some times there is snow in Bow – Winter 2013:



Summer 2017

MG2 editedView from Bow Road

MG1 editedView from the bridge over the District Line, junction with Eleanor Street

MG3ededThe west-side – nos 9 – 20

MG4 edNos 7 & 8 – where the original ‘grand houses’ were destroyed by an Air Raid in October 1940, and were replaced by prefabs, until the present block of flats was built to dimensions and with generous eaves that seek to reflect the grand houses that once were there.

MG5 edNos 28 & 29, that stand where Crispin & Borst builders’ yard once was; their head office latterly in No. 27, though prior to that just after World War II Crispin and Borst had apparently used most of the houses on the east side.

MG6iThe Coach House – now No.1 with its coaching entrance bricked in.

mg7View looking east along Archibald Road

mg8Nos 21 – 27, on the east side

mg9Nos 21-27 viewed from Archibald Rd, over the ‘listed’ wall.

mg10No.20 – 16 view from Archibald Road, over the ‘listed’ wall.

mg11View from Archibald Road

mg12Backs of Nos 21 – 27, viewed from Tidworth Rd / Archibald Rd

Probation OfficeThe Probation Service, 50 Mornington Grove, rear of the Thames Magistrates Court building, built 1990, on the site that was once the imposing Bow Road Presbyterian Chapel, and church hall, and 4 houses that were once St Leonard’s Terrace, later nos. 45-48 Mornington Grove.