In summer 2017, ceasing to be Editor of The Bruckner Journal, (a journal about the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, now located at http://www.brucknerjournal.com, which I had edited at Mornington Grove for 12 years, 2005-2016), I thought I might occupy myself with writing the history of this road in which I have lived for over a third of a century.  Rather than wait until the booklet is finished – which may be quite a while – I decided to publish such stuff as I have on a website as soon as it arrives in my hands.

All information about Mornington Grove in the past is welcome.  Please contact me, Ken Ward,  at No. 23 Mornington Grove, or by email:  kenunderground at gmail dot com

So far, acknowledgement and thanks are given to Friends House Library, Euston Road and the helpful staff there; to Tower Hamlets Local History Library and the helpful staff there; to M. F. Elliston for permission to quote his A Topography of Tower Hamlets, Map Collections at the National Library of Scotland with special thanks to Louise Speller at that library, other maps were obtained from old-maps.co.uk, oldmapsonline.org, David Rumsey Map Collection and British Library Online Gallery; much information about residents British Newspaper Archive; to Diamond Geezer for use of his photograph.  Very helpful information about Charles Martin was found in A Janet Achurch Chronology by Dr. Bernard Ince.  And thanks to fellow residents, especially Gwynne Somerville and Jon Bailey for their assistance.


I have travelled far, I have travelled wide:
I have been to Penge, and to Barkingside,
But wherever I walked and wherever I drove
I found no place better than Mornington Grove.

There are riches to find in foreign parts
I have found them in Romford, and even in Herts,
But the greatest of all, the true treasure trove
Is found here at home, in Mornington Grove.

We may wander for years, through the day and the night,
Seeking joy in darkness and truth in the light,
But from dawn till evening in vain shall we rove
Till we find our way home to Mornington Grove.