1945 – the present day – maps

Ordnance Survey: Map TQ3782NW – A (includes: Poplar Borough) Surveyed: 1948  Published: 1949

1948-9 OS

In this first post-war OS map, the prefabs are marked as rectangles, 5, 6, 7 & 8, to the north of No. 9 on the west side.  The Presbyterian Church, and church hall, are still in place at the entrance to the street.  Nos 41 – 43, part of the original St Leonard’s Terrace, have gone, leaving just four houses, nos. 44-48, north of the District Line cutting. Adjacent to No.28 on the east side are two triangular buildings, wedged between Mornington Grove and Eleanor Street,  now numbered 40 and 41.  The footbridge, destroyed in the air raids in 1940, from Eleanor Street to Arnold Road, shown on maps of 1916 and 1938, is no longer to be seen on this map.

Ordnance Survey 1956-63 (from old-maps.co.uk)

1956-63 OS

This OS map, obtained from old-maps.co.uk, dates from the 1956-63 series, and shows the footbridge from Eleanor Street to Arnold Road reinstated.  Note that the Presbyterian Church that graced the entrance to Mornington Grove on the corner with Bow Road is now labelled as ‘Works’, and Bow County Court has become the East London Juvenile Court.

Ordnance Survey 1990 (from old-maps.co.uk)

1990 OS

On this OS Map from 1990, from old-maps.co.uk, things in Mornington Grove are more or less as they are at the time of writing – Sept. 2017 – though the footprint of the modern flats at No.27 on the east side is not quite what was actually built.  The vast Thames Magistrates Court now replaces the ‘Works’, on the site of the Presbyterian Church at the junction with Bow Road, and the East London Juvenile Court; and the prefabs, 5, 6, 7 & 8 have been replaced by the relatively new block of flats numbered 7 & 8.  Most drastic in the neighbourhood is the demolition and total disappearance of the roads, Quickett Road and Ireton Road, from the triangle south of Archibald Street.  The terrace of houses on the west side of Arnold Road, facing the railway arches, have been demolished and replaced by the William Brinson Social Education Centre.